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4 Things to Understand About LED Optics
by Pulsar on April 12, 2017
Optics are one of the most important elements of an LED luminaire. They shape, focus and mix the light created by the LED light sources into a shape, whether it’s a wide flood
Pulsar becomes Luxeos Luminaires Ltd
by Pulsar on March 21, 2017
What We Are Doing
: PulsarTM is making a few changes; our new name is Luxeos Luminaires Ltd. This reflects the passion and drive we have for the new Luxeos range of
Celebrating 45 Years of Experience
by Pulsar on March 8, 2017
Richard Brown - 1972 - 2017 Pulsar congratulates Richard Brown, our longest serving Team Pulsar member who joins the elite ranks of Pulsar Alumini. Richard has seen lots of
Pulsar Launch Luxeos to the World!
by Pulsar on March 1, 2017
Our day in London at the world-renowned Science Museum began early as the team arrived to install the fantastic new Luxeos range of fixtures ready to unveil to the world. With
Does lighting change our perception of wine?
by Pulsar on February 28, 2017
e-Luminate 2017 saw the return of a fun and unusual experiment which first took place back in 2015. This fun experiment was to prove when it comes to drinking wine, would
The Restless Temple in constant motion
by Eleanor Bell on February 9, 2017
Penny Saunders' 'Restless Temple' is a sculpture designed to be in constant motion. Made up of fourteen hollow cedar columns with cores of tensioned steel, counterweighted by