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Does lighting change our perception of wine?
by Pulsar on February 28, 2017
e-Luminate 2017 saw the return of a fun and unusual experiment which first took place back in 2015. This fun experiment was to prove when it comes to drinking wine, would
The Restless Temple in constant motion
by Eleanor Bell on February 9, 2017
Penny Saunders' 'Restless Temple' is a sculpture designed to be in constant motion. Made up of fourteen hollow cedar columns with cores of tensioned steel, counterweighted by
Immerse yourself in mycoocoon – Series 2
by Pulsar on February 9, 2017
Get mycoocoon mini immersion wall - Series 2 The first generation of mycoocoon mini immersion wall has been successfully launched in 2016. Featuring
Pulsar Wins Again
by Pulsar on January 30, 2017
PULSAR WINS AGAIN LUXEOS Range Selected for Iconic Building Our Luxeos Range Outshines the Competition Pulsar Luxeos Range has been selected to illuminate one of the
“It’s magical”
by Pulsar on December 14, 2016
Pulsar were proud to support a local village community, who transformed a corner of the woods and an old railway hut into Santa's Grotto, providing something to remember for all
Campaign for Fair Warranties: The fight continues
by Pulsar on November 28, 2016
Campaign for Fair Warranties: Pulsar's M.D. reading our - No Nonsense Warranty! at Lux Live 2016. In the special panel discussion, manufacturers, customers and the team from