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Top Five Advantages of LED Lighting
by Pulsar on October 8, 2015
Top Five Advantages of LED Lighting Efficiency - We’ve all heard about the energy efficiency of LED lights, but what’s the real story? Compared with fluorescent and metal
Colour Rendering – Crucial but often misunderstood
by Pulsar on October 8, 2015
Colour Rendering - Explained Colour rendition is a crucial but often misunderstood aspect of any lighting installation. There are a few methods of measuring colour rendering,
Sports Village Sutton scores an ACE with Pulsar’s UniBay
by Pulsar on September 24, 2015
The Sports Village - Sutton Tennis, like many sports, relies on carefully designed lighting to deliver the high illuminance levels required for standard and competitive play.
Skyscraper Lighting Kingdom of Bahrain
Genprise bank on Pulsar products for BiSB
by Pulsar on September 4, 2015
Genprise banked on Pulsar products when it came to illuminating Bahrian Islamic Bank (BiSB) Bahrain Islamic Bank (BiSB), was established in 1979 as the first Islamic Commercial
Singapore Celebrates 50 Years of Independence
by Pulsar on August 18, 2015
Pulsar helps Singapore Celebrate 50 Years of Independence This year's Day of Independence in Singapore was billed as the biggest ever with months of intense build up throughout
mycoocoon – Immerse yourself in colour.
by Pulsar on August 11, 2015
mycoocoon combines ancestral beliefs with the use of technology. Based on chromotherapy, a treatment that subscribes to the theory that each person is drawn to the colour that