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ChromaAR111 Series Luminaires

Compact, low voltage, stylish luminaires for Architectural and Entertainment applications. The Chroma AR111 uses five high luminosity 3 Watt LEDs, driven by Pulsar’s advanced flicker-free electronics for ultra-smooth dimming and colour control.


ChromaFlood50 series luminaires

Pulsar’s ChromaFlood50 is an amazing high-power LED fixture housed in a compact IP66 round enclosure.  The ChromaFlood50 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the external ChromaZone power supply and driver allows for full DMX control.


ChromaBeam Series Luminaires

The ChromaBeam100 fixture utilises our established IP66 enclosure, but is configured with a set of precise 5˚ lens optics that produce an incredibly bright and narrow beam. The ChromaBeam is perfect for centerpieces, architectural structure, installation, or display.


ChromaStrip25 Series Luminaires

ChromaStrip25 TriColour provides stylish slim-line linear strips of LED illumination and utilises state of the art TriColour LED devices. ChromaStrip25 is designed for concealed lighting and to highlight features such as windows, sets, trusses or building structure outlines.

ChromaStrip X3

ChromaStripX3 Series Luminaires

The ChromaStripX3 is the brighter sibling of the ChromaLine in the same sleek anodised aluminium body, and 3x more powerful than the ChromaStrip25. A brighter alternative to the other Pulsar linear fixtures, the IP66 StripX3 uses the latest 3W TriColour devices.

ChromaPower Line

ChromaPowerLine Series Luminaire

ChromaPower Line series luminaires are an amazingly bright range of linear fixtures that make a bold statement in any situation. The ChromaPowerLine fixture is IP66 rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes in a range of powers and length’s to fit any application.


ChromaInGround50 Series Luminaire

Pulsar’s ChromaInGround50 is an amazing high-power LED fixture housed in a world-proof IP66 enclosure making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use particularly ideal for applications in demanding environments.