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Product Description

ChromaPowerLine Series Luminaire

Pulsar’s cutting-edge ChromaPower Line series luminaires are an amazingly bright range of linear fixtures that make a bold statement in any situation.

The ChromaPowerLine fixture is IP66 rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes in a range of powers to fit your application: 100W or 50W in a 1200mm body length. The fixture is powered directly from 85-277 Volts AC (100 Watts Max) and includes full DMX control of both total RGB levels and each 400mm segment of 16 LEDs (PowerLine 100) to allow for endless colour mixing possibilities. The fixtures also include numerous internal sequences that provide sophisticated operation without the need for an external control system.

This versatile fixture is ideal for architectural and entertainment projects, its range of sizes and powers making it suitable for nearly every space. It has an incredibly wide colour palette as well as fixed CCT or variable whites, allowing the fixture to enhance architectural features such as alcoves, doorways, outlines, and structures, façades, fountains, and focal displays as well as providing stunning colour or high quality white in shows, concerts and themed environments.

  • Choice of 10˚, 25˚, 45˚, 10×50˚, or 90˚ (No Lens) beam angle lenses
  • Mains fed and full DMX control via QuickLink and configured using PFM
  • Mains Stand Alone (MSA) single colour models also available (85-277 VAC)
  • LEDs and all components in our fixtures are chosen and driven to exceed a 100,000 hour design life
  • Our flagship TriColour RGB colour mixing LED technology, fixed CCT, variable White and a full range of Single Colour options
  • Available in Black, Silver and White paint finish as standard, with custom colours available to order
  • 100W or 50W in a 1200mm extrusion
  • Mains fed high power linear LED luminaire
  • Architectural and entertainment application
  • High efficiency 3 Watt LEDs
  • Pulsar’s advanced 100% flicker-free
  • Ultra smooth dimming and colour control
  • Separate DMX control of each 400mm segment of 16 LEDs (CPL100 only)
  • Choice of 3 LED type populations
  • Corrosion resistant as standard

LED Options

  • TriColour
  • RGB
  • Variable White
  • Single Colour / Custom colour options

Body Finish

  • Black, Silver, White / Custom paint finish

Beam Angles

  • 10, 25, 45, 10×50, 90 Deg