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Product Description

ChromaStrip X3 Series Luminaires

The ChromaStrip X3 is the brighter sibling of the ChromaLine, in the same sleek anodised aluminium body, and 3x more powerful than the ChromaStrip25.

A brighter alternative to the other Pulsar linear fixtures, the IP66 Strip X3 uses the latest 3W TriColour devices alongside and our own enhanced mixing techniques to create seamless colour straight out of the fixture.  The external ChromaZone power supply and LED driver allows for full DMX control of RGB levels plus numerous internal sequences provide impressive operation without the need for a dedicated external control system.

Coming in four sizes of 300, 600, 900, and 1200mm, the ChromaStrip X3 is a versatile fixture designed for use in architectural and entertainment projects.  Its range of beam options, body colours, and LED populations make the ChromaStrip X3 an amazing choice for any application and ideal for cove lighting, fountains, and architectural features such as windows, doorways, and structural outlines not to mention providing stunning colour in shows, concerts and other kinds of themed environments.

  • Choice of 5 LED populations, from a single colour, UV, and white, to our flagship TriColour technology colour RGB mixing LED devices
  • 16.8 million colour combinations on TriColour versions
  • Exceptional whites and pastels
  • ChromaZone controlled for full RGB colour mixing and powerful internal sequences for maximum flexibility.

  • Smooth dimming response
  • Continuous flicker-free light
  • 300, 600, 900, 1200 mm sizes
  • 10˚, 25˚, 45˚, 10×50˚, or 90˚(no lens) integrated lensplates
  • IP66 Anodised aluminium housing in Black, Silver and White finish as standard with custom colours available to special order
  • LEDs and all components in our fixtures are chosen and driven to exceed a 100,000 hour design life

LED Option:

TriColour, Single Colour, UV, Variable White, Custom Colour option

Lens Option

  • Optional 20 deg lens to tighten 100/150 deg standard configuration

Body Finish

  • Black, Silver, White