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UniBay Luminaire

A Multi-purpose product to suit many applications, with an extensive range of fittings (available on request) from wall, ceiling, low profile, twin. The  LED UniBay can produce 15,700+ lumens from its 3 x 5000K Cool White CREE LEDs


EcoFlood130 Series Luminaires

The powerful Eco-Range LED flood light has a build quality second to none and a light output to match. The powerful fixture is capable of producing 9,900+ lumens from its high power CREE LEDs and its unique electronics ensure a flicker-free light.


EcoFlood60 series luminaires

The low-power Eco-Range Flood 60 is a small scale, high brightness LED floodlight. The high intensity fixture is capable of producing 5,000 lumens from a single CREE LED and its unique electronics ensure a flicker-free light that stays on night after night.

Pulsar 10 Year Product Guarantee Terms

Pulsar products are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of original purchase.  The guarantee covers defects in manufacturing workmanship and materials.  It is limited to parts and labour.  The guarantee becomes void if the product is: a) misused, b) not used in accordance with the instructions, c) the cable connections are not made according to our instructions if the unit is used in damp or wet environments, d) repairs are made by unauthorised persons, e) the serial number label has been removed or defaced.  Pulsar’s maximum liability shall not exceed the price paid for the product.  In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, do not use without repair.  Return the product, with a description of the fault, to your supplier or direct to Pulsar for immediate attention.

Please contact Pulsar for more information regarding our 10 Year Guarantee.