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A Range of Super-Power LED Floodlight and Linear fixtures, ideal for illuminating backdrops, walls and façades.

Luxeos 9

Choose from our Luxeos9
Vivid Colour or Vibrant White models.

Luxeos 18

Choose from our Luxeos18
Vivid Colour or Vibrant White models.

Luxeos 36

Choose from our Luxeos36
Vivid Colour or Vibrant White models.

LuxeosLine Vivid Colour
LuxeosLine Vivid White

LUXEOS – The Latest Technology from Pulsar

At the heart of the Luxeos Range is our quad-core LED system that offers flexibility of colour and CCT, delivering stunning colours whilst benefitting from high-efficiency White LEDs to achieve in essence two fixtures in one. Not only have the RGB LEDs been chosen to offer a very wide gamut of colour but also the custom nature of the array allows for different CCT White populations to enable preferred general illumination with the addition of colour accent & theming for special events. This cannot be achieved in a fixture that uses a pre-packaged RGBW device.

The Vibrant White, Variable version of the Luxeos family has a CCT range from 1700K to 5700K and allows smooth transition from the warmth of a Candle Flame to Natural Daylight. This is one of the widest variable CCT products in the industry today and allows mood and personality to be applied to all types of architecture with classic white styling rather than colour.

When combined with Holographic Beam Shaping (HBS) material, the ultra narrow native beam of the family can be transformed to create anything from asymmetric narrow and wide to very wide wash effects which means flexibility is in the hands of the designer but not limited by the product.

The housing has been created with longevity in mind, especially in more challenging environments & extreme temperatures and all Luxeos fixtures come with anti corrosion pre treatment and architectural grade powder coating as standard. Customisation doesn’t stop with the light engine, the housing also can be tailored to application with custom selected RAL colours, finish and company branding options. This is especially useful when sensitivity around the fitting being visible is paramount; we at Pulsar understand that it’s the light from the fixture that’s most important and want to minimise the fixture impact on the aesthetics of the design.

Built with an architectural mind-set, each fixture in the family is Ingress Protected to IP66 and Impact Protected to IK09, which makes them some of the most robust and durable all-weather floodlights in the world. Luxeos has been designed to last with an intelligent thermal management system enabling maintenance-free, totally silent convection cooled operation even in the scorching desert heat of 50oc.

To enable easy, fast and safe install, Pulsar have created an install system that surrounds the Luxeos family like nothing we have ever created before. Our innovative cabling topology enables initial wiring in advance before the fixtures arrive on site – minimizing downtime and installation cost. A single tether cable allows for easy electrician-free connection when the fixtures are installed and the output angle aligned to the lighting design.

RDM and DMX are the standard, which means each unit can be configured from the ground, post install and discovered automatically which greatly reduces install times. As per our mantra at Pulsar the Luxeos family stands for Longevity, Durability and Reliability, this is backed up with a 5 year guarantee as standard.