“I wanted to break the mould and show that a well-manufactured product, with the rich history of 
British engineering and innovation, would prove that LED technology has a place in the
harshest of environments”

Mr Neelakanta – CEO of Delta Construction

Back in early 2014, Pulsar was invited to bid for a multi-functional warehouse project in Hidd – a largely industrial area on the north east coast of Bahrain. A warehouse in this location, being beside the sea, has several challenges, ranging from high winds and extremely dusty/sandy/salt air conditions, to external temperatures regularly exceed 45 degrees.

The client – Al Aujan Group – were building a collection of warehouse units, and the civil, mechanical and electrical works were awarded to Delta Construction. Initial designs by a local consultant were based on using a 400W metal halide solution.

Pulsar’s 130W Unibay was selected after a very detailed technical evaluation including testing on site. The UniBay was chosen  based on its excellent light output, uniformity and distribution, coupled with an industry leading Guarantee in the unlikely event of any mishaps. A CCT of 5000K was chosen along with CRI of 80 to give a clean, crisp and natural white light to the area.

More than 2 years on, Pulsar’s UniBay has 100% uptime (no failures). All the warehouses are operating to maximum potential with the client extremely happy with the final outcome.

For more information, please see the case study below.