Pulsar’s installation of architectural lighting in singapore is situated at Aperia: a new mixed-use development which is located within the Kallang-Lavender area of Singapore. The site consists of a business office tower, supermarket, leisure facilities, a shopping mall and a wide range of food outlets.

The shopping and food courts are located around a central 3 – storey atrium that serves as a centrepiece to the space.

DiMeLED, Pulsar’s partners in Singapore, were tasked with providing both functional and decorative lighting to this central atrium. The aim was to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment to visitors shopping and dining at the mall.

Lighting the Central Atrium

The lighting scheme for Aperia Mall needed to provide both decorative colour changing lighting for the ceiling, and functional lighting for the ground level.

To light the ground floor level, Pulsar UniBays were used for the high light quality and output of the fixtures. The UniBays are mounted around the edge of the mezzanine facing into the middle of the floor area. To prevent potential glare caused by this mounting arrangement and to improve visual comfort for visitors to the mall, DiMeLED designed customised louvers to fit onto the UniBays, which were manufactured by Pulsar.

The ceiling consists of multiple layers of abstract shapes, which are lit from below and above by Pulsar Luxeos 18 VC fixtures. These provide a rich pallete of colours, enabling a versatile scheme that can be customised for special events.

The Luxeos 18 fixtures are carefully calibrated and colour matched by Pulsar before leaving the factory to ensure uniform, even colours between the fixtures.

Featured Products

Pulsar UniBay 130
Available with a number of versatile mounting options, Pulsar’s UniBay range is designed to produce high quality white light for any architectural lighting project. With a 10-year warranty and exceptionally rugged build, these durable fixtures are built to last.

Pulsar LUXEOS 18 VC
The Luxeos Range products from Pulsar represent a distillation of over 45 years of lighting and control expertise. Pulsar’s Luxeos Vivid Colour (VC) fixtures use their new custom RGBW light engines for unmatched colour mixing and consistency.

About Pulsar

Pulsar manufactures a wide range of colour controlled LED luminaires for large-scale architectural projects, television shows, live performances, hotels and many other applications. Pulsar’s range provides high power, high quality LED lighting backed by Pulsar’s commitment to reliability and state-of-the-art product design.

Our factory and offices are located in Cambridge, UK where we have been making lighting equipment for more than 40 years.

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