Blackpool’s Winter Gardens is one of Europe’s biggest entertainment complexes. The historic building, constructed in 1878, contains all kinds of venues, including an opera house, ballrooms, theatres and halls. The complex has hosted some of the world’s most famous performers and shows over it’s 140 year history. 

An atrium beneath a large dome greets visitors to the Winter Gardens. In 2018, Pulsar provided lights to illuminate the dome for the annual Lightpool Festival – an architectural lighting even that runs alongside Blackpool’s iconic Illuminations.

Lighting domes and arches comes with a specific set of challenges. Getting consistent, even illumination on a curved surface can be tricky. However, with the right products and know-how, it’s possible to get some stunning results.

The dome is lit up using 24 of Pulsar’s Chroma PowerLine fixtures. The dome consists of 12 different segments, and two Chroma PowerLines light up each segment. The reason to pair up fixtures is that it makes it possible to aim one at the top of the dome, and one further towards the bottom.

We also used an elliptical beam angle to give more even coverage. Along with the separately aimed fixtures, this achieves even, consistent lighting with no hot spots despite the difficulties of lighting a curved surface.


A Range of Possibilities


There are lots of different results that you might want to achieve from lighting a ceiling structure such as a dome or an arch. Pulsar have a range of products and expertise to help you achieve your vision. For obligation-free advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


About Pulsar


Pulsar manufactures a wide range of colour controlled LED luminaires, including the Chroma PowerLine. Some of our specialties include large-scale architectural projects, television shows, live performances, hotels and many other applications. Pulsar’s range provides high power, high quality LED lighting backed by Pulsar’s commitment to reliability and state-of-the-art product design.

Our factory and offices are located in Cambridge, UK where we have been making lighting equipment for more than 40 years.

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