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Colour Rendering – Crucial but often misunderstood

Colour Rendering - Explained Colour rendition is a crucial but often misunderstood aspect of any lighting installation. There are a few methods of measuring colour rendering, including TM-30, the Colour Quality Scale (CQS) and others, but this article will focus on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) as this venerable system is still by far the most commonly used. What is colour rendering? Put simply, colour rendering is a measure of how accurate the colour of objects illuminated appears to be, when compared to a reference source. Things illuminated with a high CRI light source can be expected to look very similar to how they would in daylight, for example. What colour rendering doesn’t do is tell you anything about the colour of a light source; that’s instead determined by the colour temperature (CCT). It also doesn’t tell you the range of colours that can be seen under the light source- something known as the gamut area. How does CRI work? CRI is based on a set

Netherled Serutrade Lighting

NetherLED – Architectural Lighting Projects

NetherLED is a Dutch lighting company intrigued by entertainment and architectural lighting, DMX controlled systems and system integration. They supply the complete lighting package comprising consultancy, technical system design, feedback for creative lighting design, equipment supply, installation andsupport on site. Basically, we are driven by passion in the process of concept through completion. Their skilled technicians create smart lighting systems and support various types of projects and customers, with a perfect understanding of complex technical demands. The products we use daily are carefully selected based on quality and function. Our advanced systems are more intelligent, energy efficient, powerfuland affordable than ever. Colours, colour changes and intensity of light are easy and intuitive to control. Exactly this dynamic lighting provides expression, identity, savings and maximum ability to control. We are always there