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Cheltenham Swimming Pool reduce annual running cost by 53%

Council owned Cheltenham Swimming Pool required higher levels of light to better see swimmers and improve the overall look of the facility. Areas of the pool bottom were dimly lit and hard to see in to. Initially equipped with 60 x 400W High Intensity Discharge (HID) fittings burning for 3500 hours per year, the installation had a total wattage of 6 kW and consumed 153,754kWh of electricity per year - generating an annual bill in excess of £20,908. By visiting the site and assessing its needs, Pulsar Light was able to optimise a fixture layout to maximise the light uniformity and improve luminance in key areas, while also reducing the total number of fixtures needed. These features of the Eco-Range solution made a huge difference to the Cheltenham Swimming Pool operation and to the satisfaction of the management and employee team. Pulsar recommended the high brightness EcoFlood 130’s with an 70+ Colour Rendering Index (CRI), the EcoFlood 130 fittings have greatly increased

e-Luminate Festival 2016

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival returns 12th February – 17th February 2016   Pulsar are proud to support and sponsor e-Luminate Festival of Cambridge for the 4th year running. During six exceptional evenings, the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival, will offer the public a unique spectacle creating ephemeral light art installations in the richness and diversity of the urban landscape, and completely transforming the city. From all over the city, the region and around the world, visitors are invited to discover Cambridge in a new light. e-Luminate Cambridge is the city’s most innovative arts festival showcasing breathtaking light installations created by artists, designers and technologists. The great thing  about light is that it is a medium accessible to all, no prior knowledge of the arts or sciences is needed to enjoy this amazing event! Information links below: e-Luminate Cambridge    @eluminatefest    2015Gallery      #lovelight2016     

Pulsar – UNIBAY for Sports, Industrial, Hangars and more

The Eco-Range UniBay from Pulsar is a workhorse fixture designed to last.  A Multi-purpose product to suit many applications. Incorporate the Multi-Mount fitting options (available on request) you then have a wide veriety of fitting options from wall, ceiling, low profile and twin. The  LED UniBay can produce 15,700+ lumens from its 3 x 5000K Cool White CREE LEDs and its unique electronics ensure a safe and non-distracting flicker-free light.  Manufactured in the UK from the latest and best components available, the Eco-Range LED UniBay features a 10 year guarantee and an L70 life of 70,000 hours.*  The UniBay can also be configured with a range of alternative colour temperatures. The UniBay comes in a special AzkoNobel Silver powder coat finish with custom RAL colours available  to suit your application available on request. The Eco-Range UniBay’s 120lm/W efficacy qualifies the unit for the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. The scheme enables