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Sports Village Sutton scores an ACE with Pulsar’s UniBay

The Sports Village - Sutton Tennis, like many sports, relies on carefully designed lighting to deliver the high illuminance levels required for standard and competitive play. Crucial to both the designer and the fixture manufacturer is minimising glare and shadow while also ensuring the court is as evenly lit as possible. The courts at Sutton Tennis were previously fitted with fluorescent tube totalling around 6480W per court of power consumed. Continuous play meant the Club was consuming over 262,080kWh total for a total of 9 courts. Pulsar Light was approached by the The Sports Village Sutton about the Eco-Range solutions, particularly the UniBay130 - a fixture designed by Pulsar Light in collaboration with England sports bodies and players. After visiting the site and preparing extensive light calculations with the UniBay130, Pulsar Light created a scheme that reduced the running cost of each court and provided an increase to the original light levels. The final

Genprise bank on Pulsar products for BiSB

Genprise banked on Pulsar products when it came to illuminating Bahrian Islamic Bank (BiSB) Bahrain Islamic Bank (BiSB), was established in 1979 as the first Islamic Commercial Bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is an architectural landmark located at the main intersection/junction in the Diplomatic Area. The landmark building now boasts more than 600 Pulsar ChromaRange LED fixtures comprising of ChromaStrip25, ChromaPowerline 50 & 100, ChromaIn-Ground 50, ChromaStrip X3 around various areas of the building, with TriColour Chroma AR111’s providing the up & down ‘spark’ light on each facade. The products for the scheme were chosen after a competitive process of finding the right solution for the complex brief. MSCEB were carefully selected by the client as the key Consultant to design a lighting scheme for BiSB that would reflect the values and traditions of the bank, and make the building an iconic feature in an area densely populated with numerous multi-storey

Singapore Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

Pulsar helps Singapore Celebrate 50 Years of Independence This year's Day of Independence in Singapore was billed as the biggest ever with months of intense build up throughout the country. Singapore even declared a four day weekend to celebrate the anniversary. Tens of thousands of people attended the outdoor parade and ceremonies, jet fighters flew over in the formation of 50 and a firework display illuminated Singapore's skyline. We were happy to contribute in our own small way, Singapore’s Millenia Tower in the skyline - Lighting design by Marc Largent of Magic Monkey, lit by Pulsar. The building's lighting was synchronised with other buildings across the skyline for this spectacular event. Congratulations Singapore! Letter of Commendation from DiMeLED Pte

LED AR111 Lighting&Sound

Take That – AR111’s shine through the rain!

Pulsar's ChromaAR111's went on tour with Take That. If readers look to the lighting plots online they will see in the instrument key the unexpected Pulsar AR111, a small, IP65-rated, flush-mount LED flood: “They’re for the cast,” Routledge explains. “Each of them has a box of props including an umbrella they use for The Flood, which is exactly where the Pulsar floodlights come in. They need to be IP rated because the rain effect falls directly onto them in the choir stalls.” The rain gag comes from Quantum Effects, with the little Pulsar units pointed up into the casts’ clear PVC umbrellas. I’m not sure what the cast think about it - umbrellas or not I’m sure they get wet - but it’s a tangible effect visible right to the back of the venue. “They have other uses, as an LED flood I’m able to pixel map light onto the faces of the cast, which I do in Affirmation, so even they become a texture to the stage.”   Steve Moles writes in