Pulsar proudly sponsored the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival 2015, now in its third year and consisting of a series of events, workshops, and projections, the festival aims to connect ambitious art with imaginative technology, while shedding new light on low carbon innovation.

Pulsar and Hawthorn worked with Lighting Designer Suzie Olczak to create Light Progression, an immersive lighting experience across some of Cambridges iconic buildings. To realise the vision of the artistic and creative minds involved with the installation, Hawthorn and Pulsar worked with the artists to provide interactive experiences for the general public through the use of LED  lighting fixtures. The result was the creation of interactive and breath-taking installations that provided an immersion in to the world of low-carbon lighting that was controlled by the movements of people passing by.

Pulsar’s Paul Johnson said “It was a pleasure working with Suzie, with her attention to detail and her passion for emphasising structures and the way in which light is perceived, we knew the collaboration would work and is always a pleasure. We cannot forget Hawthorn, a great team of professionals working with enthusiasm installing our products, we knew they were in safe hands.

Hawthorn installed 26 of Pulsar’s TriColour ChromaFlood 200s which included Pulsar’s specially programmed Pharos Control System  incorporating localised motion sensors to trigger the lighting sequences to the overwhelmed passers by.

Thousands attended the 2015 e-Luminate Festival this year, encouraged by 2015 being the International Year of Light – A global initiative helping to highlight the importance of light and optical technologies.

The director of the e-Luminate festival, Alessandra Caggiano, was extremely happy to have Pulsar on board again this year. Pulsar are well known for  producing LED Lighting for architectural applications, and have been doing so for many years. Pulsar was founded in Cambridge over 40 years ago and the e-Luminate Festival was an ideal opportunity to show our city what could be achieved when using the latest technologies.