Genprise banked on Pulsar products when it came to illuminating Bahrian Islamic Bank (BiSB)

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BiSB), was established in 1979 as the first Islamic Commercial Bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is an architectural landmark located at the main intersection/junction in the Diplomatic Area.

The landmark building now boasts more than 600 Pulsar ChromaRange LED fixtures comprising of ChromaStrip25, ChromaPowerline 50 & 100, ChromaIn-Ground 50, ChromaStrip X3 around various areas of the building, with TriColour Chroma AR111’s providing the up & down ‘spark’ light on each facade. The products for the scheme were chosen after a competitive process of finding the right solution for the complex brief.

MSCEB were carefully selected by the client as the key Consultant to design a lighting scheme for BiSB that would reflect the values and traditions of the bank, and make the building an iconic feature in an area densely populated with numerous multi-storey buildings housing Ministries, legal offices & other government & financial organisations.

Genprise Co. W.L.L called on various lighting manufacturers to submit proposals that would do the building justice, highlighting the key features of the building, and adding value to the brand. The selected product would also have to be capable of withstanding the extremely harsh climate of the Middle East, coupled with the issues that being so close to the sea brings.

While the main elements of the design were easily accommodated by Pulsar, the real value was added by the Pulsar R&D team, who developed a customised fitting for the AR111’s located around the building, following various light tests examining beam-angle and light output. The solution offered by Pulsar was chosen by the client because of its superior light distribution, ability to produce any shade and colour temperature of white, smooth dimming and ability to produce and generate a wide range of effects.

Other practical components offered by Pulsar included the integrated cable-management solution of Quicklink – a single lead carrying both power and DMX data that produced a considerable saving on installation time and cost, plus the ability to address and configure the fixtures remotely through PFM – Pulsar Fixture Management.

The lights are controlled by ShowCAD Artist software and Pulsar’s data distribution infrastructure of DS5 Data-Splitters, to the numerous controllers.

The project was a joint effort between Pulsar and its consortium partners Genprise Co. W.L.L.. Genprise Co. W.L.L project-managed the entire operation through efficient resource deployment and co-ordination with tenants, and electrical sub-contractors. They also designed the data distribution system methodology based on system specifications.

Delta Construction Co. W.L.L., which undertook the installation of the electrical and mechanical systems (under guidance from Genprise), has been an industry veteran since its establishment more than 30 years ago, and is recognised as one of the leading Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Contracting companies in Bahrain. Delta Construction were also the chosen sub-contractor when Genprise & Pulsar worked together on the Bahrain World Trade Centre, and for both projects produced high standards of engineering throughout with zero failure on the first day of commissioning.