Get mycoocoon mini immersion wall – Series 2

The first generation of mycoocoon mini immersion wall has been successfully launched in 2016.

Featuring 6 lamps, mycoocoon mini immersion wall is the optimal solution for your house and your work space to connect and relax in an immersive atmosphere.

..The Series 2 is now available for pre-order..

mycoocoon benefits:

    • Great for stress relief
    • Stimulates energy
    • Boost your well-being index
    • Creates a sense of mindfulness
    • Calms your mind, body and spirit
    • Rebalances the energies of the body

– mycoocoon colour technology into a portable design –

Technical information – mycoocoon immersion mini wall 
Advanced controlled LED fixture featuring 6 high power pixels. Bio compatible lamps.
WIFI connection. mycoocoon colour institute app including a catalogue of colour immersions.