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Squash Court Lighting Project

Cambridge Squash Club, Cambridge, UK

Like many sports, squash and racketball rely on carefully designed lighting to deliver the high-illuminance levels required for standard and competitive play. Requiring upgrades to the existing squash court lighting present across its four courts, Cambridge Squash Club was looking for an LED sports flood lighting expert to minimise shadow and glare while reducing energy consumption and costs.

Cambridge Squash Club Squash Court Lighting

The Brief

The No.1 court at Cambridge Squash Club was fitted with 12 77W fluorescent tube lights which were highly inefficient for the club’s needs. To meet minimum squash court lighting requirements recommended by England Squash and Racketball, the club had to increase illuminance levels from 350 lux to at least 500 lux, ensuring courts were lit as evenly as possible.

With continuous play every day from mid-afternoon until 9pm, the club was consuming 2,000kWh per court per year, amounting to an annual electricity bill of £892. An essential part of the project was therefore to reduce energy consumption and high running costs.

Pulsar’s Solution

After having been approached by Cambridge Squash Club to undertake this project, our team visited the site to prepare extensive calculations for a squash court lighting scheme that would provide high-power, high-efficiency white LED lighting. This was achieved using our bespoke EcoRange Squash 130; a variation of our Ecofloor 130 fixture designed in collaboration with England Squash and Racketball.

The final scheme included six EcoRange Squash 130W white LED lights with prismatic fonts to reduce the total energy consumption per court, while offering dependable and evenly distributed light.

Cambridge Squash Club Squash Court Lighting


By using the EcoRange, we created a lighting scheme that reduced the total energy consumption of each court to 1,708kWh, bringing the total energy bill for the club to just £752 per year – a 16% saving.

In addition to reduced costs and associated carbon footprint, light-level readings were doubled from 350 lux to 700 lux, far exceeding the figures required by England Squash and Racketball and giving the perfect lighting for both daily practice and club matches.

As leading LED lighting manufacturers in the UK, we are proud to have been selected to complete this squash court lighting project, and are committed to donating £10 to the Squash and Racketball Foundation for every squash court fitted with the EcoRange Squash 130. Find out more at www.thesrfoundation.org, or get inspired by our recent LED lighting projects.