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Facade Lighting Project

Royal University for Women, Kingdom of Bahrain

Pulsar recently added to its ever-growing list of Middle East projects with completion of a façade lighting project at the Royal University for Women in Bahrain – a female-only university that stands proud in the wealthy Awali District.

Counting members of the royal family and daughters of government officials as members of its select student population, the University is a prestigious institution with beautiful natural stone buildings that are almost hidden from the main road due to poor exterior lighting.

corner view of stone facade lit by Eco60 and Luxeos 18

The Brief

The governors of the institution sought a replacement for the University’s failing lighting scheme, which was made up of aging 70W metal-halide uplights. These had continuously caused the University mains to hold water and trip making them hard to maintain. As such the project called for a low-maintenance weather-sealed fixture which could withstand the heat and humidity.

Another pressing priority for the client was to ensure that the campus buildings were visible from the Al Muaskar Highway – the main road and a busy arterial route through the area.

Challenges Faced

After an initial site assessment, our local partners Genprise advised the on-site team that replacing the entire system of 200+ in-ground lights would require a significant upheaval and complete rewiring due to excessive water within the pipes. In light of this Genprise were asked to propose an alternative solution, leading them to contact us for our façade lighting expertise.

The main challenge of increasing visibility of the University buildings was the 2-metre boundary wall which surrounded the campus, masking the 2 and 3 storey buildings behind. With these standing some 50 metres back from the wall, careful consideration had to be taken to choose the correct fixtures to illuminate the buildings for maximum impact.

stone facade lit by Eco60 and Luxeos 18

Pulsar's Solution

After on-site testing with various products, colours and beam angles, the University selected Pulsar’s EcoFlood 60 white LED lights for their high quality and durability, and their proven ability to survive the high temperatures and extreme humidity of Bahrain’s challenging climate. More than 50 fixtures would be installed at various locations around the campus over 2 phases.

front view of stone facade lit by Eco60 and Luxeos 18


With Pulsar’s EcoFlood 60 fixtures carefully positioned around the perimeter of the University walls, the campus is now a spectacle that can be seen glowing from the Al Muaskar highway. Warm white LED lights were chosen to bring out the unique colours of the natural stone, while a wide 60-degree beam projects the output to provide uniform coverage across the external façade.

Mitesh Mistry of Genprise, our local partner in the Middle East, said, “Anyone driving along the Al Muaskar Highway will definitely notice how elegant the campus now looks in the evening sky.”

Pulsar is proud to have been chosen by such a prestigious educational establishment, recognising our goal to provide the right lighting solution for our clients. Looking for more LED lighting inspiration? Explore more of our recent LED lighting projects.