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Rock Face Outdoor Uplighting Project

Mallaig Marina, Scotland, UK

Constructed in 2011, Mallaig Marina is the ideal base for yachts and boats looking to explore the remote west coast of the Scottish Highlands. Wanting to mark the entrance to the marina and capture the attention of passing boats and ferries, the Mallaig Harbour Authority commissioned outdoor uplighting years earlier installing 29x 30W RGBW LED floodlights.

The selected units, however, had proven unsuitable and gradually began to fail one by one. Unable to resolve the issues with the existing lighting, the client called Pulsar to help solve the problem with our proven outdoor landscape lighting expertise.

blue and white striped illumination on cliff face

The Brief

Undertaking improvement works to the marina in 2016, the Mallaig Harbour Authority contacted Pulsar with a brief to reinstate the outdoor uplighting illuminating an 80m-long stretch of rock face at the entrance of the harbour. The goal was to create an eye-catching display which could stand the test of time.

Challenges Faced

With the uneven nature of the natural landscape, consistency was key to ensure uniform lighting across the rock face, which varies from 5 to 8 metres tall. The positioning, angling, output and functionality of the luminaires were all vital to the end display.

The coastal location of the rock face meant that the chosen outdoor uplighting needed to be extremely robust to withstand the harsh extremities of the marine environment and the changeable climate, while overcoming the impact of the LED lighting from the nearby streetlights.

RGBW lighting on cliff face from Luxeos 09

Pulsar's Solution

After a detailed site survey and inspection, several outdoor landscape lighting schemes were proposed and tested for the client. Following site tests, it was determined that luminaires had to be positioned at distances between 0.5m and 2m from the surface to illuminate the entire rock face and avoid dark shadows.

For the final display, the client chose 15 of our Luxeos 9 60w LED flood lights as these fixtures are fully RDM/DMX compatible and have anti-corrosion treatment offered as standard. Installation was carried out by a local electrician, while commissioning and programming was done in house by Pulsar’s own Paul Johnson.

Green lighting on cliff face from Luxeos 09 RGBW luminaires


The end result of this Pulsar project saw the Mallaig Marina rock face illuminated in a rainbow of colours and exciting lighting sequences.

With a carefully selected beam angle, we were able to cut the total number of units used for the initial outdoor landscape lighting in half while still providing an excellent coverage across the rock face. Using our OS1 DMX controller, the operator can control each individual unit and choose from a number of bespoke scenes at the touch of a button.

Pulsar is proud to have been selected to create this beautiful outdoor uplighting scheme, which is offered as a spectacle at the end of the long train journey from Glasgow to Fort William.

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