Colour Mixing Technology

A Bigger Colour Palette


LuxEOS Vivid Colour light engines are custom designed by Pulsar to give you all the colours that you need. From striking bold primary colours to subtle pastel shades, our four colour light engines have it covered.

We use a deep blue LED source which gives the Vivid Colour light engines an especially wide colour gamut (the range of colours a light can produce), particularly extending the range of blue, magenta and cyan colours and making it possible to create deeper shades than with many other LED luminaires.

Another thing that sets Vivid Colour apart is the high quality white light LED source, which we carefully chose to compliment the coloured LEDs either to create white light or mixed colours.

Dedicated to Light Quality

Vivid Colour light engines use 90+ CRI white light sources. Combined with the wide gamut colour mixing, this makes it possible for lighting designers to create subtle pastel shades with a very high level of detail and clarity.

We carefully select LED bins so that from luminaire to luminaire, colours will always be consistent.

Key Features
  • Four colour mixing with inter-bit smoothing
  • 90+ CRI white LED devices
  • High quality and efficiency colour LEDs
  • LED devices chosen for the widest possible colour gamut
Colour Gamut Charts Comparison
Extended gamut area of Luxeos RGBW luminaires
Typical colour gamut of RGB colour mixing
Wider gamut with deeper blue from LuxEOS Vivid Colour
What Applications Should I Use Vivid Colour For?

Lighting with colour has all kinds of uses. Use your corporate colours to strengthen your brand image, or present a pleasant and fun environment for visitors. Coloured lighting helps you to stand out and create a memorable experience. Because Vivid Colour light engines have white LEDs as well, they are versatile enough for any application.

Which Pulsar Products Are Available with Vivid Colour?

All Pulsar LuxEOS products are available with Vivid Colour light engines, including the LuxEOS 09, 18 and 36, and the LuxEOS InGround 09.

Our new LuxEOS Linear and Beam ranges will also be available with Vivid Colour light engines.