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Single Colour and Colour Changing LED lighting products

Dimmable Downlight Colour Changing LED Lights
Chroma AR111

Dimmable LED Downlight

Chroma AR111 is a compact, low voltage, stylish colour changing LED light fixture for Architectural and Entertainment applications. Populated with five high luminosity 3 Watt LEDs driven by PULSAR’s advanced flicker-free electronics for ultra-smooth dimming and RGB LED light control. Also available with single-colour or UV LEDs and custom RAL paint finishes.

Low Voltage RGB LED Lights
Chroma Flood 50

Low Voltage LED Flood Light

PULSAR’s Chroma Flood 50 is an amazing high-power RGB LED Lighting fixture. It is housed in a compact IP66 round enclosure and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is powered by an external Chroma Zone LED driver and can be controlled via DMX. Custom options include single-colour & UV LEDs, RAL paint finishes, and stand-alone mains versions.

Narrow Beam Colour Changing LED Lights
Chroma Beam

Narrow Beam LED Spotlight

The Chroma Beam 100 is an RGB LED spotlight which utilises our established IP66 enclosure. It is configured with a set of precise 5˚ lens optics that produce an incredibly bright and narrow beam of colour changing LED light. Chroma Beam is ideal for columns, trees, and flagpoles in architectural and landscape settings and comes in a range of power options. Each fixture can be customised with single-colour and UV LEDs, RAL paint finishes.

InGround RGB LED Lights Fixture
Chroma InGround 50

InGround LED Light Fixture

Chroma InGround 50 is high-power RGB LED light fixture housed in a world-proof enclosure featuring IK10 front glass and IP66 sealing. It is ideal for demanding environments and public installations. Custom options include single colour and variable white LEDs and mains stand-alone versions.

Colour Changing Outdoor LED Strip Lights
Chroma Strip X3

Outdoor LED Strip

Chroma Strip X3 is the brighter sibling of the Chroma Strip 25 RGB LED strip and is housed in a rugged anodised aluminium body. It is 3 times more powerful than the Chroma Strip 25 and uses our latest 3W TriColour colour changing LED devices. Chroma Strip X3 can be configured with single-colour LEDs (including UV), RAL paint finishes, and diffuser glass.

Chroma Power Line

High Power Outdoor Linear LED Light

Chroma Power Line is our most powerful colour changing LED light strip. The fixture is IP66-rated and suitable for both external and internal projects. It comes in a range of powers and lengths. Completely customisable with a range of single-colour & white LEDs and finished in your preferred RAL colour.

RGB LED Lights Colour Changing Strip
Chroma Strip 25


Chroma Strip 25 TriColour is a stylish slim-line RGB LED Light strip small enough to be concealed when lighting architectural details like coves and soffits. Its IP-rated enclosure also enables it to be used in outside to light windows, arches, and other structures or building outlines. Comes with TriColour RGB LEDs as standard and is also available with single colour or white LEDs.

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