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Chroma Flood 50

Low Voltage 50W LED Flood Light

Chroma Flood 50 Product Description

PULSAR’s leading edge powerful Chroma Flood 50 is an amazing high-power, low voltage LED lighting fixture housed in a compact IP66 round enclosure.  The Chroma Flood 50 is packed with the latest in TriColour technology – 15 x 3W devices – and utilises our advanced mixing techniques to create stunning colour from the lens into the eye of the beholder.

The compact and powerful 50W LED flood light also has a variety of lens options which make it an amazing choice for a wide range of applications, such as a truss- or spotlight for stage use or as an architectural feature fixture enhancing façades, fountains, focal displays, and themed environments.

The specialised Chroma Beam 33 fixture utilises the round Chroma Flood 50 enclosure and can be populated with individual RGB or single colour LEDs and its 5˚ lenses produce an incredibly bright and narrow beam.

  • Versatile low voltage LED lighting for both stage use and architectural illumination
  • Perfectly mixed colour from within the unit, eliminating colour striping and shadows common to multiple single colour sources
  • IP66 rated 50W LED flood light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 100,000 hour design life for all of Pulsar’s LEDs and fixture components
  • Ultra-smooth dimming and 100% flicker-free light driven by PULSAR’s advanced electronics
  • In-built Chroma Zone light sequences and effects enable operation without the need for an external lighting control system
  • Choice of 5 LED families from single colour (including UV) to our flagship TriColour technology colour RGB mixing LED devices, and Variable White combinations
  • Mains Stand Alone (MSA) single colour models provide even more energy efficient low voltage led lighting
  • Optional interchangeable lens plates with beam angles of 8˚, 25˚, 45˚, 10×35˚,  10×90˚, or 90˚ (No Lens)
  • Custom colour finish – available in Black, Silver and White finish as standard, with custom RAL colours available to special order
  • Specialised 5˚ Chroma Beam fixtures also available for a narrow beam LED spotlight solution
  • LuxEos 9 and LuxEos 18 – our latest four colour LED floodlights – are also available
  • 50W LED flood light
  • 5 LED populations
  • ChromaZone controlled
  • Black, Silver and White finish as standard
  • Custom RAL colours available to special order
  • interchangeable lens plates
  • Mains Stand Alone (85-277 VAC) single colour models also available


LED Options

TriColour, RGB, Variable White, UV, Single colour/Custom colour combination

Lens Options

8˚, 25˚, 45˚, 10×35˚, 10×90˚

Body Finish

Black, Silver and White finish as standard, with custom RAL colours available to special order

Chroma Range Case Studies

Cosmopolitan LED Lighting Projects in Warsaw Poland

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