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Chroma Zone 12-200 Rack Mount X3

600W LED Driver

Chroma Zone 12-200 Rack Mount X3 Product Description

Chroma Zone dimmable LED drivers provide regulated, safe low voltage power and control signals to drive the 24V and sub-100W LED fixtures of the PULSAR Chroma range.

The rack mounted Chroma Zone 12-200 RM X3 600W LED driver comes with 12 Wago output sockets for direct connection to Chroma range fixtures, and 2 DMX sockets (in and thru) for integration with DMX runs. The RM X3 model provides 3 times the power to drive Chroma range X3 series RGB LED light fixtures, or more low power products than the standard 200W Chroma Zone drivers.  See the table below for more information on maximum load for the Chroma Zone 12-200 RM X3.

  • Ultra-smooth dimming and 100% flicker-free light controlled by the 600W LED driver
  • 100,000 hour design life for all of PULSAR’s LEDs and fixture components
  • LCD User Interface Module for easy configuration
  • DMX digital input with 6, 9, 36, 42 and 46  channel modes
  • Compatible with “DMX matrix” and “video DMX” systems allowing the display of complex graphics and effects
  • Individual control of each output channel. On RGB LED fixtures this results in a possible 16.7 million colour combinations
  • Stand-alone 24V LED driver that can be used without a control desk
  • Two independent chase generators each with 31 stunning effects
  • Remote access and control of stand alone features via DMX
  • Compatible with standard 19” Racks, 2U height
  • The Chroma Zone 12-200 RM X3 600W LED driver is also available as a free-standing unit
  • Optional IP65 outdoor enclosure available
  • 12 or 6 Wago output standard versions available
  • Other 24V LED driver models available:
Chroma Features
  • 600W LED driver
  • Rack mounted
  • Compatible with Standard 19” Racks
  • 2U height
  • 12 x 5-pin wago outputs
  • 2 x XLR5 DMX sockets (in and thru)
  • CE marked and tested
  • 85-277V AC ±10% 47-63Hz worldwide supply compatible
  • True analogue dimming
Chroma Zone 12-200 RM X3 - Max Fixture Loading
Model Control Max Load Outputs 50W 33W 17W CP300 MR16 Link Point Strip25/X1 (m) StripX3 (m)
24500RMX3 DMX 600W 12 12 18 36 144 180 360 432 43.2 14.4
  • Item Code: 24500RMX3
  • Outputs: 12 x WAGO
  • IP Rating: 20
  • Voltage: 85-277V AC Power: 600 Watts
  • Colour/Finish: Black
  • Inputs: DMX with 6, 9, 10, 36, 42 and 46 channel modes
  • PFM Compatible
  • Connectors: Power 1 x IEC, Control 2 x XLR5 (1M/1F), Output 12 x WAGO (M)
  • Included Accessories: 1.5m (6′) IEC Power Cable & WAGO locking plate
  • Product Dimensions: 482.6(w) x 88(h) x 240mm(d) (19 x 3.5 x 9.4”)
  • Product Weight: 4.6 Kg (10.1 lbs)
  • Pack Dimensions: 540 x 280 x 150mm (21.2 x 11.0 x 5.9”)
  • Pack Weight: 5.7 Kg (12.5 lbs)

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