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Wireless Art-Net to DMX512 Convertor with RDM Compatibility

LuxNode Product Description

The LuxNode Install box is a wireless ArtNet to DMX512 convertor. It can operate in standalone mode as a Wi-Fi access point or connect to a Wi-Fi network. The LuxNode will also receive sACN and is capable of outputting 2 complete DMX512 universes with RDM.

Available as the LuxNode PCB for low-voltage operation or the LuxNode Install Box which is perfect for mains-powered installations of LuxEos fixtures, the LuxNode PCB is the ideal solution for wireless control of LED lighting installations.

The LuxNode Install Box has an X-Lok output connector for connection to any LuxEos range fixture. This makes it ideal for wireless-controlled LuxEos installations.

The LuxNode can be easily configured and set up using a laptop or mobile device. Simply connect to the LuxNode network, enter your login details and use the browser of your choice.

  • Robust DMX splitter and DMX distributor
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Flexible installation
  • 2 Independent DMX ports
  • Supports DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN
  • Mains or Low Voltage Power Supply
  • Cost-effective and economical price
  • UK designed, manufactured, and tested
  • LuxNode PCB: Low Voltage 8 – 28 V DC
  • LuxNode Install Box: Mains Powered 120 – 277 V AC, IP66
  • Art-Net to DMX convertor
  • Fully RDM compatible
  • Operable in standalone mode or connect to a Wi-fi network
  • 2 DMX universes on two separate ports
  • Compatible with sACN
  • > 1 Watt
  • 8 – 28V DC (LuxNode PCB), or 120 – 277V AC (LuxNode Install Box)
  • IP66 Enclosure (LuxNode Install Box)

Control Range Case Studies

Cliff face illuminated in green by Luxeos 09 RGBW lights


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