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OutStation 1

DMX Control System

OutStation 1 Product Description

OutStation 1 is a compact 12 Button, programmable DMX control system which is ideal as an architectural DMX controller and as a remote for our Chroma Zone range of dimmable LED drivers.

It is beautifully finished in stainless steel and fitted with chrome push buttons so it will fit into any decor. The OutStation 1 is ideal for offices, bars, restaurants, foyers in fact anywhere an easy to use and program DMX controller is required. The OutStation 1 automatically receives its 18-25V DC power from a PULSAR dimmer or Chroma Zone.

Software Enhancements
  • 60 DMX Channels (increased from 54)
  • 60 Scenes (5 Pages of 12)
  • 12 Programmable Chases (on page 6)
  • Up-to 30 steps per Chase Configurable Chase times from 0.1 sec to 24 hours per step
  • Chase Loop / One Shot options
  • Grand Master function
  • Quick hot keys control: Page, Chase Step and Master Level
  • Page limiting option to allow/deny users to unused pages
  • Clear Live Memory function for scenes and/or Chases Backup function provides: Live to Backup, Swap Live and Backup and Copy Backup to Live memory functions
  • DMX controller
  • 60 DMX channels
  • 60 programmable Scenes
  • Grand Master Function
  • Quick hot keys control

Control range Case Studies

Cliff face illuminated in green by Luxeos 09 RGBW lights


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