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LuxRamp LED Lighting Technology

About LuxRamp

Up to 40% Brighter

Our LuxEos luminaires are designed and tested to cope with all of the heat created by the LEDs. However, most of the time you’re only using one or two channels, which means you’re not using all of the LEDs. For example, if your LuxEos products are creating green light, the red, blue and white LEDs aren’t doing anything.

LuxRamp is the latest update to our drivers, which increases the output of the channels when they’re used on their own. We also made it so that if you put two channels on together it also boosts the output, but scaled proportionally so that we’re always protecting the LEDs.

The result is, for most applications, a significant increase in brightness. The brightness also stays very consistent when changing colours, and with no compromise on LED lifetime.


No Longer a Balancing Act

Historically, having less colours meant that each colour had a greater share of the overall power. Therefore, having less colours meant each colour was brigher. When people chose colour changing LED products, there was a trade off. Do you go for an RGBW fixture and have a wider range of colours, or do you go for an RGB fixture and get brighter individual colours? LuxRamp lets you have both.


How do I use LuxRamp?

LuxRamp is built into the latest drivers in our LuxEos products. The driver works out all of the channel levels automatically, so that you can use the fixture normally and benefit from the improved light output without any extra programming.

For LED lighting projects, LuxRamp means that you can use fewer fixtures to get the same result, or the same number of fixtures and a brighter, more vibrant lighting scheme.


Which products can I use with LuxRamp?

LuxRamp works with PulsarTM LuxEos 9 and LuxEos 18 luminaires, and with both PulsarTM VC (Vivid Colour) and VW (Vibrant White) light engines. LuxRamp also works with custom LED populations in our LuxEos 9 and LuxEos 18 products.

Learn more about the LuxEos range of external LED light fixtures here.

  • Individual colours are approx. 43% brighter
  • Mixed colours are approx. 35% brighter
  • Maintains LED lifetime
  • More consistent brightness when changing colours
Compatible Products
Luxeos 09
  • Quad Core LED Light Engines
  • Suitable for small or medium sized architectural lighting projects
Luxeos 9 LED Lighting Technology
Luxeos 18
  • Quad Core LED Light Engines
  • Suitable for medium to large architectural lighting projects
Pulsar LUXEOS 18 External LED Lighting
LED Lighting Technology LuxRamp Comparison

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