What We Are Doing
: PulsarTM is making a few changes; our new name is Luxeos Luminaires Ltd. This reflects the passion and drive we have for the new Luxeos range of products and services. We recently won the largest contract in the company’s 45-year history; and it is all Luxeos products. We’ll definitely be sharing pictures and news once it’s completed.

You can still call us Pulsar, the same company you have known for so many years. It’s just run by a new legal entity, which is Luxeos Luminaires Ltd.

Who We (Still) Are
: For our customers, very little changes. You have direct access to the same fantastic management team and employees, we use the same best-in-class suppliers, and we have the same unbridled enthusiasm and passion you have come to expect from all of us at PulsarTM  over the decades.

Where: We are proud to be a British based manufacturer, a big part of our 45 year heritage. In the last three years we have increased our purchases from UK and European based manufacturers. We are moving our factory a few miles up the road, where we will continue to build Luxeos and Pulsar products. Right here. In Britain. As always.

Why the Change: We recently launched the new LuxeosTM Flood and Luxeos Linear and they’re taking off, with more innovative products to come. Our second brand, LuxeosTM is rolling out across our entire product range and sits beside the PulsarTM trademark and brand. PulsarTM has a long history and always thrived on providing an outstanding service to you, our customers, and we are looking forward to this continuing across all brands.

Want to Know More? For further product or company information, please view our website at www.pulsarlight.com or contact Pulsar on +44 (0)1223 403500 or sales@pulsarlight.com – exactly the same as always.