“World Record: LED Installation – Longest Continuous Service

Pulsar celebrated their second World Record 100,000 installation with an event for staff and key customers new and historic. The team at Pulsar, has over 700 years collective experience of product design, manufacturing and long term testing. This would not have been achieved without the great team behind the name – Pulsar.

The ChromaStrip, which was designed for external use, have withstood all the elements can throw at them for more than 11 years.

Demonstrating our ethos of reliability and longevity, the ChromaStrips have been continuously running ever since they were first switched on in 2004.

Andrew Hilbert states: “Whilst the ‘headline’ is the longevity of the LED’s, it is the driver components that keep those LED’s operating. Each ChromaStrip2 has 30 LED’s and more than 40 driver components which have also operated for 100,000 hours. A luminaire is only as reliable as it’s least reliable component, so Pulsar has always taken a systemic approach to product design. Products can fail due to water ingress, stresses due to thermal cycling, or premature failure of just one passive component in a driver. The reputation for longevity, durability and reliability has only been achieved through a rigorous design process and 15 years of experience producing LED luminaires.”

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