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On Thursday December 6th, Pulsar teamed up with a group of lighting designers to bring to life a gigantic christmas tree installation for the Darc Awards. An important date in the annual lighting calendar, the Darc Awards brings together lighting designers, manufacturers and light artists for an evening that celebrates the creativity of the world of lighting.

An Opportunity for Collaboration


As well as the awards themselves, the Darc Awards night provides an opportunity for lighting designers to team up with manufacturers to put together a creative lighting installation for the event. This year, Pulsar teamed up with Marcus Steffen of MS Lighting Design, Barry Townsend from Workplane Lightplanning, Harish Persad and James Poore of JPLD. 



The final piece, titled ‘Kitchmas’, was based around a huge four metre tall white fabric tree, illuminated with eight Luxeos 09 floods – four in variable white and four in colour. With a mirror ball inside the tree structure and another on top, the piece certainly made a statement!

As well as the Luxeos floods, the installation featured four ChromaPowerLines illuminating the wall at the back, and ten classic Pulsar ChromaCubes, decorated to look like Christmas presents.

The end result of this huge, colourful project was a fun and lighthearted installation that put a smile on the faces of the attendees at the event.

Featured Products


Pulsar Luxeos 09

Pulsar’s Luxeos 09 is the smallest in the Luxeos range of high power architectural floodlights. Descreet and compact yet delivering an impressive output, the Luxeos 09 is a very versatile fixture.

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Pulsar ChromaPowerLine 100

The ChromaPowerLine is an RGB linear light designed for wall washing. Built to last and survive in the harshest of climates, the ChromaPowerLine is a powerful workhorse linear luminaire.

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