Lux Awards

We are proud to announce that we have been nominated for a Lux Award, for our work on refurbishing luminaires for Landshut Bridge in Elgin, Scotland. The prestigious Lux Awards take place at the annual Lux Live event in London on the 16th of November. The awards celebrate the very best new products and projects. They also reward innovation and thinking outside the box.



Landshut Bridge – Elgin


Landshut Bridge is an iconic feature of the town of Elgin. Mark Trainor Hayes of Audio Northwest specified Pulsar fixtures, for the reliability of the iconic ChromaRange.

However, the Landshut Bridge was plunged into darkness recently due to a series of “mindless” acts of vandalism. Graffiti and damage to the electrical system and fixtures meant that something had to be done.

The local authority, concerned that this may happen again, asked Pulsar to create a custom vandal proof solution. Pulsar identified a protective material for the front of all the fixtures. Furthermore, the material has a 10-year warranty against breakages and it is specified for other applications requiring exceptional durability.



A Second Complication


The bridge had to be lit in red for Remembrance Sunday despite damage to the lighting controls and wiring. Pulsar worked alongside Audio North West and GA Barnie to ensure this was possible by providing OS1 controllers programmed to display the correct colours for the event.

The lighting scheme is now fully operational and ensures that the bridge becomes a visual spectacle after dark; the lights will be shining bright for many years to come.

Pulsar LED bridge lighting design