The darc awards is a unique concept utilising mondo*arc and darc magazines’ reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world.

With the entries now shortlisted by the panel of international lighting designers, it’s now over to independent architectural lighting designers or light artists to get voting.

Pulsar are very pleased to have been shortlisted for the following installations.
A list below takes you to our online entries.

STRUCTURES: Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget

SPACES: Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget

ART: Best Light Art Scheme – High Budget

• The voting period is July 06 – August 06, 2016.
• Only independent architectural lighting designers or light artists are eligible to vote (no members of the public and no suppliers of any sort including manufacturers or distributors who provide a lighting design service).
• Go through all the entries on this website to make your choices. Once you have decided on your favourite entry from each category then go to our awards voting platform to register and cast your votes.
• You get one vote per category – you simply choose your favourite. There’s 12 categories so that’s 12 votes in total. You must vote in every category for your votes to count.
• You can view the entries in full by clicking on the picture or title of the entry.
• In order to be eligible for a free ticket to darc night, the darc awards event, you must vote in every category (your free ticket is non-transferrable).
• You cannot vote for yourself (we will find out and you will be disqualified if you try).
• When registering to vote on the awards voting platform you must use your company’s email address so we can verify your eligibility. If you only have a non-company email address (eg, etc) we will contact you to verify your eligibility. If you do not respond or you cannot provide proof that you are an independent lighting designer or light artist your votes will not be counted. No generic email addresses (eg, info@, mail@ etc) will be eligible.

Please be honest and give this process the time the entrants deserve!

The voting period is one month so you can dip in and out throughout the timeframe.

This is about promoting good lighting design through a democratic process.

Please participate responsibly.