“Pulsar’s outstanding LED UniBay product is once again the fixture of choice for a large-scale
fast-track warehouse and logistics development.”

Mitesh Mistry – Genprise

Delta Construction Co. W.L.L. was selected by the MEP and Structural Consultant to put forward a lighting solution for Schmidt Logistics.  The new warehouse unit consisted of 3 separate halls for a very high profile client in the Oil & Gas industry. The client stipulated that the selected products should be 100% European design and manufacture, with strict performance and reliability criteria.

A key design criteria was to ensure adequate lighting levels between racks which were only 2 metres apart, creating narrow aisles, with a ceiling height in excess of 12 metres. Pulsar supplied a project spearheaded by the same Consultant, however there were requirements which had to be met along with a high level of competition from other manufacturers.

Various lux levels and options were trialled, with luminaires from various manufacturers providing 300 lux to 500 lux at floor level. A final challenge to overcome was the mounting positions of the units, as there were restrictions on where the fixtures could be located.

Using a combination of beam angles, a Pulsar solution was selected – using 241 Pulsar Unibay 130W fittings at 5000K, with 144 of them incorporating a special ‘Batwing’ narrow lens to focus the light in between the racks. The balance of the fittings were standard 110 degree beam to distribute the light uniformly whilst avoiding patchy areas.

For more information, please see the case study below.

Schmidt Logistics Commercial Warehouse Lighting
Schmidt Logistics Commercial Warehouse Lighting
Schmidt Logistics Commercial Warehouse Lighting