Following a lighting review of our 26 branches we are set to save over 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent to an average car driving for 652 days non-stop, each year – by simply swapping from traditional lights to LED lighting, making each store more environmentally friendly.

Andrew Wilson, Group Safety & Environmental Manager, Ridgeons said: “Working with Pulsar Light of Cambridge, we decided to change our warehouse lighting to LED because they are more energy efficient, last longer, and overall cost much less to run.”

The Cambridge branch on Nuffield Road was the first to benefit from the light change, which since implementation has seen energy usage reduce by a third.

Andrew added: “While it is great that we have made cost savings from the light switch, the key driver for the update was the environmental benefits. We champion sustainability, therefore, monitoring and measuring our impact on the environment is key. By making this simple change we can significantly reduce our carbon emissions.”

Nearly 1500 LED units will be used across all 26 branches providing better quality of lighting for the benefit of employees, while also providing a much brighter experience for our customers too.