The Sports Village - Sutton Tennis, like many sports, relies on carefully designed lighting to deliver the high illuminance levels required for standard and competitive play. Crucial to both the designer and the fixture manufacturer is minimising glare and shadow while also ensuring the court is as evenly lit as possible. The courts at Sutton Tennis were previously fitted with fluorescent tube totalling around 6480W per court of power consumed. Continuous play meant the Club was consuming over 262,080kWh total for a total of 9 courts. Pulsar Light was approached by the The Sports Village Sutton about the Eco-Range solutions, particularly the UniBay130 - a fixture designed by Pulsar Light in collaboration with England sports bodies and players. After visiting the site and preparing extensive light calculations with the UniBay130, Pulsar Light created a scheme that reduced the running cost of each court and provided an increase to the original light levels. The final