Pulsar’s ChromaAR111’s went on tour with Take That.

If readers look to the lighting plots online they will see in the instrument key the unexpected Pulsar AR111, a small, IP65-rated, flush-mount LED flood: “They’re for the cast,” Routledge explains. “Each of them has a box of props including an umbrella they use for The Flood, which is exactly where the Pulsar floodlights come in. They need to be IP rated because the rain effect falls directly onto them in the choir stalls.”

The rain gag comes from Quantum Effects, with the little Pulsar units pointed up into the casts’ clear PVC umbrellas. I’m not sure what the cast think about it – umbrellas or not I’m sure they get wet – but it’s a tangible effect visible right to the back of the venue. “They have other uses, as an LED flood I’m able to pixel map light onto the faces of the cast, which I do in Affirmation, so even they become a texture to the stage.”


Steve Moles writes in Lighting&Sound International, July 2015.
Published courtesy of PLASA Media Ltd. www.lsionline.co.uk/digital

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